Behaviour modification and training
with Mindful Canine

Behaviour problems can be relatively straighforward or complex requiring intensive or  ongoing support.

Please contact me so we can discuss the problems your dog has and how I can help you . 

  • Identifying the causes of your dog’s problems
  • Creating immediate solutions to manage the problem
  • Supporting you to change your dog response though practical and remote support.

This course can
help you with

  • Aggression to other dogs

  • Lead reactivity

  • Excessive barking – doors and windows

  • Fear of cars and fireworks  

  • Breed specific problem behaviours

  • Rehoming and living with a rescue dog

  • Guarding of toys, rooms, food, beds, other people

  • Multi dog household problems

  • Separation or boredom stress related conditions ​​​​​​​

What does this
course look like?


Behaviour modification and training overview

Dog behaviour problems can be overwhelming, confusing and let’s face it embarrassing and sometimes scary. This bespoke service will address the causes and solutions to your dogs problems, putting you both in a better place to face the future. I will work with you to understand, manage and modify your dogs behaviour and introduce real change over time.

Tony Cook with dog on a training walk in Altrincham. Dog is well behaved and calm on lead.


Assessment ,training visits and remote support

Behaviour is complex and changeable. Genetics, health, stress, fear, prior practice, breed, environment, sociability, may all play a part.

Typically you will be supported though a bespoke programme of training by:

- Completion of a detailed behaviour questionairre.

- Follow up call to clarify and formulate a plan of action .

-Consultation  ( up to 2hrs which may be spread over a number of direct and  / or remote inputs  ) addressing immediate mangagement and training needs.

With difficult cases many owners benefit from ongoing support to maintain confidence and feel motivated to make progress. I'm here to guide though those situations.

-Longer term training programmes  including weekly  or fortnightly direct support and weekly remote guidance                     ( zoom, whatsapp, email , phone ).

If required  follow on programmes may  include the use of stooge dogs and a secure safe, enclosed environment to practice with your dog .

Training an adult dog to behave well on a lead. Dog happy and relaxed on lead in Cheshire.


Supportive, calm, safe

Having lived with dogs with behaviour problems I know how challenging and stressful this can be. You will be supported at every stage to improve the situation and creating a future for you and your dog to look forward to. Your dog will not be put into confrontational or aversive positions but guided to make decisions that are right for you both through creating the right environment for success and rewarding the behaviour wanted.  

Training walk in Trafford. Tony Cook training dog to walk nicely on lead along pavement.

Meet Tony and his dogs Dexter and Boris

I’ve trained hundreds of guide dogs and family pets. And I’ve lived with everything from terriers and spaniels, to Dobermans and even a Burmese mountain dog! I’ve spent 25 years learning about dog behaviour – I can help you understand your dog better and train them effectively.

See more about Tony   

Effective dog training in Trafford and Cheshire with Tony Cook. Irish terrier on a loose lead.
Dexter and Boris, Tony’s dogs, behaving well at home, effective rewards-based training.

Meet Samantha & Diago

“I was struggling with my German Shepherd puppy. He’s cute but I wasn’t prepared for the biting, chewing, chasing the children, and barking at everything! ”

Samantha & Diago the German Shepherd puppy
October 2020
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Meet Mark & Charlie

“Tony takes the time to listen. He studies you and your dog and chooses the best training for you. Tony is a great trainer who obviously understands dogs.”

Mark & Charlie the Labrador
October 2020
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Meet Jane & Nico

“Tony was fantastic in helping us to rehome our three-year-old German Shepherd, Nico. From practical tips about control and management (I also have two children under five!) to behavior strategies for issues such as barking at visitors and jumping up, he gave clear, concise advice, all based on positive reinforcement. ”

Jane & Nico the German Shepherd
November 2020
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Meet Claire and Charlie

“Hi Tony, Just wanted to say how much we both enjoyed today. I have done puppy training before but it's never been that enjoyable and positive. You brought things up no one else has before and it's reset my mind on training Charlie (and myself) we are looking forward to practicing and seeing you again. Oh and Charlie is LOVING his kong meals. Thanks again it was a pleasure.”

Claire and Charlie
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Meet Hayley and Buzz

“Buzz and I were so pleased with our first puppy training session with Tony. I got lots of great tips of how to stop Buzz from pulling on the lead, what games to play with him, what to feed him and when to give him treats. We have been practicing lots and I’m pleased to report that we are both we are both very happy with our progress.”

Hayley and Buzz
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Behaviour modification and training


An initial assessment, 2 sessions of training, written plan, zoom ,WhatsApp and phone support during the programme. 

  • Identifying the causes of your dog’s problems
  • Creating immediate solutions to manage the problem
  • Supporting you to change your dog response though practical and remote support.


This course runs frequently across Trafford and Cheshire. I’ll get back to you with available dates and locations as soon as I can.

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Hello! If you’re not sure what training you need, or if you’d like to ask about my courses or anything else, just send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Can’t wait to hear about you and your dog!


These courses run frequently across Trafford and Cheshire. I’ll get back to you with available dates and locations as soon as I can.